Sage outage cause customers to lose ‘000s of pounds

SagepayIt seems SagePay have been having some technical problems over the past day or so and the problems are ongoing and varied.

If you run a traditional ecommerce website and use SagePay (formerly ProTX) as your payment gateway then potential customers will have been getting to your checkout page, have problems paying and quickly run off to your competitors.

It’s bad enough when problems like this last an hour or two – but 26 hours and counting? I’d be livid!

We moved from SagePay when Sage bought them a while ago – we didn’t want a competitor knowing all of our financials and we also found their support to be less than satisfactory.

We move to IridiumCorp and haven’t looked back since. Their API was great to work with, the support has been top-notch and they even got us a new merchant account that is saving us thousands every year on transaction fees.

Iridium are capitalising on the growing disattisfaction with SagePay and making it easy to move to them. They’ll essentially give you free service for the remainder of your contract with Sage. So you don’t need to worry about waiting until your Sage contract ends.

Enquire now to see what they can do for you – do ask them to look at your merchant account fees too as they could save you money there.

Update:  We’ve been affected by this too now. Our VOIP provider uses SagePay, our account ran out of credit and due to the SagePay problems they didn’t automatically top-up our account. So no one in the office could make any calls – including the sales people. Serves me right for being so smug!

Duane Jackson - Founder

As Founder of KashFlow, Duane writes primarily about the trials and tribulations of starting and growing a successful business. Having handled KashFlow’s PR internally for so many years he can’t resist writing a bit about that too.

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  • Александар

    This is quite funny :)

    Thanks for the tip about Iridium

  • Martin

    Isn’t it wonderful that I have to find out from your blog that my payment gateway is broken…


  • Emily Coltman


    Talk about bad customer service – as you say, it’s one thing to have a short outage – but when the outage lasts that long and they don’t even tell their customers… they don’t deserve to have customers!


  • Sean Brietsche

    One thing I will say about SagePay/Protx is that when they get it wrong they do it spectacularily. I just cannot fathome how you have a degradedservice for over 24 hours in this day and age. I know a lot of the SagePay staff. I even went sailing with their sales director last summer. Its gutting to see Merchants affected this way.

    The scary bit I see on this is we preach to our merchants they should pre-auth transactions and use either in-house fraud rules, either human applied or through technical application, to decide to accept a transaction.

    Without the ability to access transactional data that even went through an minute ago I as a
    merchant would probably elect to go for a full sale/capture transaction so I don’t lose the sale, ie throw my company fraud rules away for a day so I don’t lose a days sales. This will just mean chargebacks, fraud, and goods shipped where the merchant is going to lose out.

    I quote from the SagePay website :

    Our twin data centres and disaster recovery initiatives ensure your payments are being processed all day every day.”

    Its easy to say this but in application when a problem does happen the ability to deliver no downtime is not easy. I would be annoyed if Google went down for a couple of hours as its such an important tool in my work day. Not being able to take money for 24 hours as a business is just wrong.

  • Matt Chatterley

    Urgh. Not good at all.

    Although, I would normally suggest having a backup payment method available – even if it is an unpopular alternative for one reason or another (on either side of the transaction – e.g. PayPal, et al).

    @Martin – You’d like to think any company no matter how big would at least let you know if everything went boom. Obviously this was not the case!

  • DVD

    This reads to me like a competitor (and non-customer anyway) not wasting an opportunity to have a go at a rival and/or them bigging up a friendly alternative (perhaps for some commercial reason?) which somewhat undermines the argument for me. Yes, any outage is inconvenient and business threatening, however log it is, but Sage’s reasons for bringing the system up slowly carry enough weight with me for me not to go running off to someone else. Having experienced outages and other problems with other service providers as well (PayPal anyone?!), including Google’s recent outages (and look at the size of them!), I think people need to keep this kind of incident in perspective.

    As long as SagePay learn the lessons we’ll stick with them rather than jump out of the frying pan.

  • Terry Froy

    After reading this article and hearing enough stories from our own customers concerning SagePay, I thought we might give Iridium a go.

    Registering for a trial account was very easy and personally, I *love* their API.

    Can I get them to acknowledge any of my mails or respond to my requests for a quote to provide a merchant account/payment gateway services ?

    I have had *zero* responses from them and our e-mail does work as we host the servers/network that handle it (we are an ISP) – not even a dicky-bird of an automated response – and the annoying thing is that we *can* receive mail from them as I personally received the signup welcome mail and all the trial account details via e-mail.

    Terry Froy / Spilsby Internet Solutions

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