FreedomWorkflow is a world-class, cloud-based project & workflow management tool developed to be easy to understand & powerful enough to satisfy even the most demanding organisations requirements.

It lets you manage your projects in the way you want to work; no need to adapt your processes to the software – you customise FreedomWorkflow to the way you like to manage your projects.

Regardless of whether you are a one-man-business operating from home with only a few concurrent projects or a large organisation with 200 staff, multiple departments and hundreds of overlapping projects, FreedomWorkflow gives you the freedom to let your work just flow…


  • Intuitive visual interface
  • Very low learning curve
  • Time tracking
  • Proactive email reminders
  • Highly flexible & adaptable
  • Customisable right out of the box
  • Single user or multi-user
  • Unlimited product categories/types
  • Unlimited project stages
  • Access from anywhere
  • Privacy switch to hide your financial data
  • KashFlow integration
  • 30-day free trial

FreedomWorkflow integrates beautifully with KashFlow and allows you to use & sync your existing customers, projects and descriptions without exposing any of your confidential client financial information. Simply enter your KashFlow login details into the FreedomWorkflow system preferences and the two packages will talk seamlessly with one another.

Every FreedomWorkflow account comes with a free 30-day no-risk trial so you can test drive this ground-breaking project & workflow management software and find out just how powerful, flexible and indispensable it really is.

Give FreedomWorkflow a test drive and see how it can make your work flow…

You can read about other integrations on our Add-Ons page.

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